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Let us have YOUR pickies of your WHITE boxer to include here if they are related to JINNYBRUX. We are sooooo proud of them and their wonderful temperaments....see bottom picture for an example of that.

Pictured below......DAISY,at the age of 11 1/2yrs, our beloved white DEAF boxer ( No, they aren't all deaf....only the 'special' ones). Daisy missed out on nothing. We taught her hand signals (something we had never done before, something we knew nothing about.......we found it's just common sense).She was the most obedient boxer we have, her temperament a joy to live with, visitors were amazed to learn she was deaf....no-one ever spotted that she was. She free ran on the beach with our others, but she always glanced back at us a little more often...to see if we are calling her back. If we were, she came immediately (the coloureds throw a 'deaf 'un' and come when THEY are ready! ). Sadly, we had to let Daisy go to Rainbow Bridge on 13th December 2010, aged 13 1/2yrs..........she has left a big space that no other will ever fill. she is so sadly missed, we adored her.

Image: Daisy in the snow

We have never had a white boxer puppy put to sleep and never will as long as it is healthy. WE take the attitude that WE planned for the puppy to be born, so WE are responsible for it for the rest of it's life. White boxers are NOT rare, should not be charged more for becuse of this fallacy.
They should be sold with the stipulation 'NOT to be bred from', as they have a slightly higher tendency to be deaf. Not all are though.
Our white girl, Daisy, is deaf. We had never had any experience of this before, so we decided to teach her with hand signals. She was so much cleverer and more obedient than any of our coloured puppies by the time she was eight weeks.
She doesn't miss out on anything, she watches us more, but can run free with the others on the beach. She just keeps looking back at us, to see if we are beckoning her to come to us. She is a joy to own.
Deaf boxers are particularly suited to live with another dog.
Contrary to 'excuses' sometimes made by breeders who DO have them put to sleep at birth.....white boxers which we have bred have not experienced any more health problems than any of our coloured boxers. At eleven years of age, Daisy is VERY fit and well. We adore her, and her us.
We do sell our white puppies for less money, but you are sill getting a purebred boxer. We do not register them at the K.C. as we feel this is giving cart blanche to breed from him/her.
Our white puppies, as with our coloureds, only go to previous boxer owners. To us, they are equally precious.

Image: White boxer

Daisy, below at 2yrs.........she became even more beautiful with age.

Image: Daisy at 2yrs

(Pictured below)
Daisy, pictured at eleven years young, waiting patiently for her toast, along with her friends.

Image: Daisy waiting for her toast with her friends

Below....DEXTER, a Jimmy Nail son, bred by Carly Osban and owned and loved by Sam and Steve Grey, who are quite rightly VERY proud of him.We are too......what a temperament!

Image: DEXTER and his 'chick'.

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