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U.K. Boxer Breed council website

On this site (click on the above)you can read the facts about a.s in boxers,also c.m. You can see the criteria for judging at various levels, you can even download an application form to judge. You can see the various levels of judging lists, from the C list to the top list, the A1 list (qualified to judge at top level at championship shows, that's the list I am on, having been approved by the U.K. Kennel Club, the Irish Kennel Club and the New Zealand Kennel Club...........having judged at TOP level in all those countries).
At the Boxer Breed Council website you can also view (in alphabetical order) a list of dogs/bitches clear of heart murmurs........they are graded by a specialist cardiologist (Sorry, your vet is NOT qualified to grade) and, therefore, suitable for breeding..............see our boy Jinnybrux Jimmy Nail's name there................he is grade ZERO....the very best.There is also the list of specialist cardiologists, who are qualified to grade the heart scoes....and their contact details.

The Kennel Club website

Click on the link above to open up the Kennel Club website. There is an abundance of information there. Well worth a visit!

Euro Breeder website

Click on the above to see Euro website.

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Our dear friends, Richard and Ludene King's boxer kennels, Auckland, N.Z.

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