JINNYBRUX JENSON BUTTON owned/handled and loved by the 'other half' of Jinnybrux' , Sara, who is co-owner of the Jinnybrux affix.

Pictured below, Aug. 2009.



Daughter, Sara, who is the other half of Jinnybrux, is pictured below, in the pits, with her boy, Jinnybrux Jenson Button.....who, like his namesake, is now starting to fly the flag.

Typical of Jinnybrux lines, Jenson is slow to mature (remember our C.C. wining boy, Jon-Ross.......you should have seen him at 13).

Ours 'stay' the course and are not 'finished' at 2yrs.Watch Jenson's progress and his MOVEMENT ...we thank all, who have acknowledged his superb movement, for his awards so far at Ch. shows, both here and in Southern Ireland.It's good that there are judges able to judge the 'overall' picture.

Jenson won the huge OPEN DOG class at Limerick 2009. He has a Res. Green Star... The best is yet to come! Keep watching his progress!

Jenson was delighted with his award in an excellent yearling class of 13 at Blackpool CH. show under international breed specialist, Mr Hans Lehtinen (Finland)....a judge whose opinion we value most highly.


Here again, Sara & Jenson, equally happy, at the Ritz! Celebrating his fabulous win...the intermediate dog class & Res. Dog GREEN STAR at Tipperary All Breeds CH. Show, 5th May '07.


Head shot of Jenson Button
(Photo by Darren Bannister).

Jenson winning Best in Show ( All breeds) at Anstey Gala Show.


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