CRUFTS '07 ...See our FOUR Award winners!!!

From an entry of 301 boxers at Crufts '07 we are delighted to say that All FOUR boxers we took won awards!!!
Our red/white male, JINNYBRUX JIMMY NAIL,won VHC in a strong entry of 12 veteran dogs.
Not to be outdone, JINNYBRUX I'M A CELEBRITY, was awarded reserve in the mid-limit bitch class, again with an entry of 24.
Not to be outdone, Sara's veteran girl,shared the fun..and the awards!
The top U.K. boxers are competing for prizes at Crufts, so for us to win with ALL ours entered, is just brilliant. We are only a small kennel, where our dogs are 'pets first' show dogs second (If they never won another prize, they would go nowhere else).Maybe, our policy, of 'quality rather than quantity' pays off.No-one can deny their quality....with results such as these in top company.We would like to thank both Boxer Breed Specialist judges, dogs, Mrs C. Beardsell (Newlaithe) & bitches, Mr A. Butters (Mindenwood), for thinking so highly of our boxers.

Our red/white girl, JINNYBRUX JUST SUPPOSE,(pictured below) delighted us by winning 2nd in a lovely class of 24 graduate bitches.

STOP PRESS!!! Jasmine was awarded Green Star bitch ( her first time up with the 'big girls' in Open Bitch ) at Bray CH. Show, S. Ireland 7:7:07 Judged by Ms. Seppala ( Finland ).

Image: Jasmine posed

The co-owner of the Jinnybrux affix, daughter Sara, took her nine year old veteran girl,JUST LUV-LEA FOR JINNYBRUX (Tia) who 'skipped' around the ring like a puppy, to win her award in veteran bitch. She really enjoyed her day out too.Back on the bench, after strutting her stuff, Tia decided to 'hide'...pictured below.

Image: Veteran, Tia, 'hiding' Crufts '07

A real showman, as always, snapped by a fan (thanks Annette!)winning his award at Crufts '07 in the ring, our veteran boy, JINNYBRUX JIMMY NAIL, pictured below. If you want to get aHEAD ( & a chin, with CORRECT lip placement too!).........well? Say no more...just look at him!

Image: Jimmy Nail at Crufts '07

Pictured below,JINNYBRUX I'M A CELEBRITY ( Jinty ),
who also delighted us with her reserve in a massive post grad bitch class at Crufts. She is also now half way to winning her title of Irish Champion.Her recent wins include bitch Green Star at Limerick Ch. Show, then going one better with her result at All Ireland Bull Breeds CH. Show, where she won Green star bitch and Best of Breed.We feel that this will be her year to gain her Irish crown. Fingers crossed! She is, of course, a Jinnybrux Jameson daughter (see him on our other pages, and some of his other offspring).

*** We are delighted that Jinty has now (2008) joined the list of our boxers to qualify for entry in the stud book, CRUFTS qualified for LIFE! ***

Image: Jinnybrux I'm a Celebity (Jinty)

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